Saturday, March 15, 2014

I gonna be...

Bedtime conversations with Grace always involve a myriad of ideas to be for halloween and always start with "I gonna be a...". This was tonight's conversation. 

G: That movie was scawy. Thew wew beaws in it.  Do you like beaws?

Me: Sure, I like bears.

G: Beaws eat us.

Me: Sometimes.

G: I gonna be a beaw fow hawwowween(halloween). I gonna eat you aww up.

Me: Oh no!

G: I not. I not gonna eat you up. I just kiddin'.

Me: Oh good!

G: I gonna be a dophin(dolphin) fow hawwowween. I gonna be a dophin and eat you up. No, I can't be a gophin, gophins not eat gews(girls). I be a beaw and I say wooooaaaaw(roar).

Me: You're gonna scare me!?!

G(hugs me tight): It be awwite. I not gonna scawe you. I just gonna be a beaw for hawwowween.

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