Sunday, December 15, 2013

SNOW much FUN!

I have a love-hate relationship with this blog thing. But I don't regret posting the pictures and stories of the kids and figure it will be helpful for scrapbooking if I ever get a chance to work on them again! So to make up for the past two winters lack of snow, we have had a LOT already this winter and it isn't even Christmas! The kids love it! I think it's pretty, but it's ccccooolllddd!
 Benjamin loved sledding down the hill just on his belly!

 This girl looks like a pro sledder or something with her stance and the way she made it up the hill was incredible! Again and again and again!

 She seriously loved it!
 Mannie came out to join in the fun too!

 This boy loves snow and sledding as much as he loves the pool and swimming so I'm not really sure what his ideal living location should be...maybe he will need an indoor pool when he gets a house of his own!
 Such a great brother! Took time out to take his sister down and I think you can tell how they both felt about it!
 Aamah and Grace!
 Always so serious...
 ...or is he?

How'd that work out, Buddy?!?! ;)


Blakemore Family said...

Such fun! These will be great memories for them one day.

The Schramm's said...

Wish we could share your hill with you! Our septic mound is perfect for Morgan but Tyler and Megan want something a little more exciting. :)