Monday, February 04, 2013

Responsibility: No excuses

I can't even believe how much God has already used this word in my life in just a month! Where to even start? Excuses. I have to not only be responsible for making no excuses, I need to eliminate every effort of an excuse. So here's my top ones...

 "I don't have time." Truth: We MAKE time for what we value as important. Assuming sleep takes up 8 hours, 16 hours is a pretty good chunk of time to divide and conquer what matters most.

 "I'm too tired." Truth: Nobody can deny you this, so it's always an easy out. Tired? Power nap or go to bed and start your day early.

 "I can't afford that." Truth: Same as time. We afford what's important to us. (This is not to say but things you can't pay for, but rather don't just make an excuse, speak the truth.) This one is especially important to me with my kids, because rather than telling them we can't afford something, I believe it is better to show them we have priorities.

 "I'm having a bad day." or "I'm just not in a good mood." Truth: I choose my mood. Barring tragedy, are we really ever having a bad day? I mean, I know some days the kids are going crazy or everything breaks when you look at it or you can't seem to get anything checked off the to do list, but really, unless you just received tragic news, it seems kinda lame to just throw out the bad day card. (Whew! This is gonna be tough! That's an easy card to play!)

God has blessed us with so much and yet it seems we take it all for granted and just want more or different. God has given us a free will and with that comes incredible responsibility. Not to do great things, but to BE great things for Him!!!

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