Thursday, July 19, 2012

Little things are the biggest things

For those who do not know, Grace is a screamer...we are working on it, but for now there is much frustration over her obnoxious, very loud yelling in the van especially...even Benjamin who is often decibels above the rest of his world, is annoyed by Gracie's seemingly constant outbreaks of yelling, mostly because they are at the very moment he had something to say! On to the point of the post since I am certain nobody actually wants to read an entire article about a 2 year old screamer! The boys and I were out and about the other day without Grace, so we were actually able to have a conversation. It went something like this...

After conversation with Benjamin about his recent dreams, we talked about fun things that we have done recently. Benjamin has really enjoyed telling us about his dreams lately, everything from spiders to chopping wood with Daddy to fishing and on and on! Eventually, I asked Noah about favorite memories. I want to write down these favorite memories of his because they were so precious to me, I never want to forget what is important to my 7 year old boy!
Favorite memory of:

Daddy: Being thrown in the air in the pool & back and forth between Daddy and Uncle Justin

Grandma: "that one time that I got to go with Grandma and spend the night...just me and Benjamin and Grace stayed home and Benjamin was more worried about Grandma taking his fish tank than not getting to go with Grandma!" That boy has a vivid memory!

Benjamin: Talking before bed. And completely unprompted, yet something I have always hoped for him to remember, he said, "and the first time I saw Benjamin in the hospital" I think my heart is in a puddle on the floor! Him remembering meeting his brother for the first time makes all the ridicule of waiting 3 1/2 years worth it! 

Grace: When she was about to turn one. He said she was so cute and fun then! :)

Grandpa: When they were playing something with some magnets and were giving him rock "ice cream" and he would be very silly and say "that's not what I ordered!" :D

Uncle Justin: Whale ride in the pool! ;)

Mommy: "A long time ago when we used to sing silly songs at bedtime and tell silly stories and have giggle time instead of reading books"

I have to be honest, I had a whole slew of emotions over his response to his favorite memory of me. I was happy that it wasn't something superficial like "that time you took me to buy a toy". I was sad that it was something that meant so much to him and we don't really do it anymore(it was before Benjamin and Grace.) Most of all, I realized that all the big trips and all the things that we try to give them as memories aren't nearly as important as the "little things". It's the time spent, not the money spent. It is the gift of your presence that in the end will mean the most!

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