Friday, June 29, 2012

Young's Post Tri

I am so behind on blogging, I don't even know where to start, so I'm jumping in with both feet and just starting current events and catching up on the old as I have time! :) So after the triathlon, we went to Young's Dairy with the's like becoming a tradition or something! Other than the torrential downpour just as we got our ice cream and it scared the kids so bad we had to go back inside, we had a great time. Great lunch at the never feel more worthy of food as you do after canoeing 4 miles, running 5 miles, and biking 17 miles! :)
 Gracie with her ice cream face! Love this picture of her! BIG brown eyes, wispy blond curls...
I always love the goats...they are so cute and even friendlier than they are cute!

They love each other! ♥

 Babies are always cute!
 Lovin' Daddy!

 This is one of those pictures that will be fun to repeat year after year!

 My Family ♥
Baumgardner Family ♥

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The Schramm's said...

yay! I like reading your updates! :)