Monday, June 11, 2012

The Princess is TWO!

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Our little Princess turned 2 on June 3rd! We can't believe how fast that two years went by and even more we couldn't have begun to imagine what a true gem this little girl is! She is a joy to all. She is a charming, squishable, energetic ball of fun! She may not say many words, but she understands everyone of them and communicates far beyond her vocabulary! Nicknames include of course "Princess" "Grace-Grace" "Stinkerbell" "Destructo-raptor" "Tornado(& her path of destruction)". As you can tell from her nicknames, she has some swift moving feet as well as some quick little hands(and some sticky fingers). This girl will rearrange your house top to bottom in a matter of minutes! Don't let the sweet innocent face fool you...she is on a mission to divide and conquer all things in her path. She has a different idea of "organized" and will relocate anything she can get her grubby paws on! Despite that she is charming and sweet all the while and you would never suspect a thing until you can't find ANYTHING! She is growing well and remains about the same on the curve as she always has been 55% height, 50% weight. As I mentioned before, her vocabulary is small, so we are pursuing further testing for that. She will soon have a hearing test and speech evaluation to determine if she needs further help in that area. We are praying for clear answers of course, that she would either just start talking(as many have said that children with siblings don't need to talk) or that perhaps something as simple as having tubes put in would remedy the problem(doc says even minor hearing deficit could be the cause of all this). Whatever it is, we know God knew about it when she was but a speck and we know that He ultimately loves her more than we even do!

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Cindy said...

I know that Sadie and Grace are definitely cousins! Rearranging your house is something Sadie tries to do. Some of Grace's nicknames definitely fit Sadie. Can't wait to get pictures of the two of them together again!