Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ripley's Aquarium

 Gracie and Daddy at a touch pool...funny that Grace was willing to touch anything, but the boys weren't!
 Love this of my oldest and youngest!

 I love to touch the sting rays...Joel and I went here for our honeymoon and first anniversary and he had to pull me away from the sting rays every time!
 This machine had a ball that you roll and the pictures flash super fast. I managed to catch it just right and I love that Noah's hand even looks a little shocked!

 Oh dear!
 It's dark, but the diver was in the tank. We were able to watch several feedings at different tanks.
 More sting rays!
 Love this picture!!
 Sometimes Noah talks about being a marine biologist...maybe!
 Joel hates jellyfish, but they are sooo interesting!
 Interesting fish
 more amazing
 The penguin area had a crawl through tunnel...the kids loved it!
 David :)

 Upon arrival...they loved the big tank of fish...Grace pointed and laughed!
 Squeaky shoes...greatest invention for busy toddlers(especially 3rd child)!
 gotta love the colorful poison frogs(they are like sin)

 Love how this turned out!

 Don't worry, she wasn't falling in! But she wasn't happy with me for putting her there!

Love the contrast of little Gracie to the BIG fish tank!

We loved the aquarium! If you ever have a chance to go, you will enjoy it! Worth the money!

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