Thursday, February 02, 2012

A Day in Gatlinburg (part two)

We were thinking of eating here, but decided that the kids were tired and since we had food at the cabin we would just go back. We had looked up this place and saw that they had a yummy looking shrimp appetizer, so since we love to try local places, we just got the shrimp to go! yummy!
Cajun..too spicy for me, but Joel liked it!
Another fun photo-op

Ripley's Believe it or Not. We didn't go in, but this was pretty cool!

Kid in a candy store
I just liked how this shot turned was purely accidental!
Yeah, he likes candy a little bit!
Gracie loves Noah!

He really was just mad that he had to get in the stroller(because he wasn't obeying) and decided he didn't want to take a picture! Yep, he is an ornery one!
Hugs for Daddy!

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