Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cabin #2-Country Charm & 3 winks!

 ♥Family Vacation♥

 The view from our second cabin was beautiful!
 Ahhh...I could go for that hot tub right about now! I think I was in the hot tub 3-4x/day!

 Why does he look so grown up!?
 Gracie winks! She is obsessed with it!
 Almost 7? Really!!??!
 What in the world!?!? She's got the relaxing/vacation part down!
 Yes, Grace, you are a tornado!
 I know the lighting is horrible, but his face is hilarious! He is swinging gummy snakes around!
 chirp chirp! feed the baby birds! (Joel plays this with them anytime he gives them gummy worms...or snakes!)
Benjamin chose to eat the head first, Noah, the tail. Why did this not surprise me? Noah never did eat the head, he let Daddy have it.  

The following are ridiculously funny pictures of the kids winking on the ride home(which wasn't much fun!)

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