Monday, January 02, 2012

Snow 1.2.12

I love when cool things happen on cool snow on 1.11.11 last year and a bit of a stretch, but today, 1.2.12!! Not too much snow, but it is our first real snow of the winter! Benjamin was the first to see it this morning and as he peered out the window upstairs, he yelled, "It snowed!" "Noah, come see!! It snowed!" Noah dashed to the window to see for himself and being the dramatic one upon seeing the snow with his own two eyes begins shouting, "SNOW!!! It SNOWED! It SNOWED! It SNOWED! There's like enough to make a.......A SNOWBALL!!!"


Love the furry white hood!
Gracie was top heavy for some reason and had a hard time standing on her own two feet...that and I'm pretty sure she decided to have a growth spurt of her feet recently as she has skipped size 4's practically, though 5's are still a bit big(these 5's were actually not fitting well, brand dependent, I guess).

Noah was attempting to attack Daddy with snow...he gets so giggly when he does stuff like that!
Keeping an eye on Noah!
MMM! Snow!
Total Cooperation, I tell ya! {dripping with sarcasm}

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