Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh, the thinks you can think!

My dad brought a box of my old crap stuff from growing up and one of the things was a HUGE medal that I had gotten in 1985-1986 for "my first book". Noah was OBSESSED with it! I hung it up on his mirror and told him he could have it when he read an entire book by himself! He has read some stories in his school readers, but not an entire book without a lot of help. So one of their favorite books is "Oh the thinks you can think" by Dr. Seuss. Last night they wanted to read it, but it was late and I had already read books to them. So I told him that if he read it, we could read it. Anything to stay up past bedtime! He agreed! We only had one moment about half way through that he started to think maybe he didn't want to finish! Other than that, he read without much help at all!

Love the one eye in this pic!

Soooooo EXCITED!!!

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