Thursday, January 12, 2012

No MORE!!!

Did you hear???

No MORE DIAPERS!! Benjamin is excitedly filling a sticker chart and is only a couple days away from the BIG prize! He has been potty trained for a while, but is now diaper free even at bedtime! Tonight we graduated the diapers to Gracie's room after a little celebrating!!

Trading the diapers for big boy undies...even for bed! So proud of my big boy! (Side note: I thought his pants would fit better without diapers, but this boy is meaty! He has some serious muscle! When he jumps or kicks or anything that even remotely flexes his muscles, it's actually shocking! He is in the process of losing the toddler belly :( and when it isn't just after a meal, he has a toddler size six pack too! SERIOUSLY!)

I love how he is looking at the pile of diapers...bye bye diapers!

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The Schramm's said...

Great job, Benjamin!! We've still got some work to do on staying dry at night at our house. Hoping for success in that area so we can have a celebration too!