Friday, January 27, 2012

Mouse-proofed Pantry

So every year we get's inevitable! Just over the levy behind our house is a field and when they harvest, mice inhabit homes! In the past, we have had cats and they haven't been too bad. This year, the mice family discovered a handy entrance from the basement to the pantry...shelves upon shelves of yummy food! They devoured oatmeal packets, chocolate bars(found one with mousy teeth marks on it--ICK!), walnuts, pasta, crackers and much more leaving a HUGE mess for someone(me) to clean up. The problem? The mess was hidden behind all the food boxes and bags of chips and such. The worst were the higher shelves that I can't even see without a step stool! Once they were discovered and escaped several traps, the war was on. I put the hunter in the house on them...several sticky traps and a couple snap traps later, we have disposed of 8 (EIGHT!) mice! YUCK! Well, I was not about to go through this again, so I set out on a mission...a mouse proof pantry! My goal is to have lots of stuff in clear glass jars, but a alas, glass is expensive, so I will be collection glass jars for my rations over the next year! For now, plastic bins & a few glass jars contain all food that is in anything less than thick plastic! I think it turned out quite nice (and more organized, thanks micey) and I love the mossy green and eggplant purple latches! BEHOLD THE MOUSE PROOF PANTRY: 

Ignore the one red was a plastic bin I already had and will have to do for now! :P

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