Friday, January 13, 2012

best of 2011--JUNE

Too many pictures for one post...but they are soo good and I don't feel like making two posts! Big June events were Joel's birthday which was dimmed by the Princess turning ONE! Poor guy has lost his birthday to his daughter...not the actual day, but being only 2 days apart makes it hard!

This was from a very fun day at Charleston Falls...the boys were giving our picnic lunch 2 thumbs up!

One of the things I had really wanted to do before Easter didn't happen until the end of June...grass eggs! I loved the idea of creating life in an empty eggshell! Some things are better late than never! We will do these again!
Aww! Grace didn't know Uncle Justin so well when he first came home from college and he worked a lot too so she didn't see him as much. She liked his goatee because it's like Daddy's, but she always seemed confused...she knew he wasn't Daddy, but there were definitely similarities! SWEET! Uncle Justin calls her his "Lady Grace" ;-)
Noah helping Daddy with a project!
Gotta LOVE those forced smiles! :-D
Bowling! One of the fun things we had this summer was free bowling passes! I hope they have that available again this summer!
Our friend Emma(her and Benjamin are two peas in a pod) and her Dad!
Emma's sister, Claire, with was cute to see them with their Dad!
Benjamin waiting p-a-t-i-e-n-t-l-y for his ball to make it to the took a while!
Father's Day...don't they look thrilled!
There's my babies!
Fun times at the park with friends!
The two peas...
Little Beauty!
Grace at Grandma's...want to go OUT!
You just have to see the look on her face in this one! Too funny!
Warming up to Uncle Justin!
Justin & Jade
I took this picture to show off "all that hair"...what was I thinking!!?!?

This is a regular occurrence at our house...actually, I think I need to put balloons on my list!
Jessica babysat for us all summer and each time she came she brought something fun...modeling clay! They made all these cute things then painted them the next day I worked that week! I have never found it so easy to go to work as it was this summer with Jessica coming to watch the kids! No stress! She was always there early and sometimes that was when I got ready for work! Jessica truly was a blessing to us!!
This sweet picture is not reflective of how the photo session went this morning...
This is what happened each time I attempted to step back for a picture taking opportunity!
Stray cat...the boys just loved this cat and I would have let them keep it, but our neighbors said they were going to...then didn't! :-(

Very tolerant kitty!

Love this one of Benjamin sharing his lollipop with his sister!

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