Saturday, December 17, 2011

best of 2011--MARCH vol. one

Whew! We had a busy March! In no particular order, this is volume one of some of the pictures that didn't get blogged! Also, noteworthy and blogged are Noah's birthday, no more training wheels, and of course, this ultimate cuteness! ♥

We visited my Dad to help him when he broke his foot. We stayed with my best friend from high school, Deanna. The kids loved her and Emileigh and there is Taz in the pic!
If you know Benjamin, you know he HAS to have something to sleep with...we tried so many different animals and Woody won!
Grace really took to Deanna...but can you blame her. Deanna rocked her, talked to her, loved on her constantly!
My twins...born 5 years apart!
Granny visited us in March too! Love Benjamin's face in this one!

Benjamin burned his hand pretty bad in March...much the same as his broken finger, we aren't really sure how! My mom was here watching them and I was at work. She had just stoked the fire and went to get Grace who had crawled into the kitchen. Gone for one second and we think Benjamin grabbed the fire poker. She felt horrible, but it wasn't her fault at all. Benjamin knew not to touch it, I'm sure he just decided to test the limits at a bad time!

I got home from work pretty much right after it happened. He was hysterical and cried and cried for so long. :(
See, he didn't blame Granny! She made them those cute horses too!
oops! A little out of order! More from our trip to SC.
Emileigh with one of her birds!
So tired!

Benjamin loves Grace! I love how he is gripping her so tight!

And Grace is done wit the death grip hold! ;)

And this is what we mean by Benjamin is hot or cold! Happy one minute, but when things don't go his way...LOOK OUT! We continue to work on this area!
Just a sweet picture of a sweet girl!

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