Wednesday, December 14, 2011

best of 2011--JANUARY

Wow! I did a great job blogging in January 2011. I looked back through pics and realized I had blogged it all! So I will just link a few highlights for this post...
of course, who could forget the 1.11.11 snow? How perfect! All 1's, all snow! It's hard to imagine we have all this ahead of us! Months of snow and cold! BRR!
on a sad note, we lost our Nerfy in January. I didn't want to admit he was gone and I can't believe he's been gone a year. I still wish we had him...he was the absolute perfect cat! A part of me wants another cat, I love for the kids to have pets! But I just know we won't get a cat as perfect as Nerf was...everyone loved him! Even our anti-cat neighbors!
and finally, who could forget the bed sled? what fun!! we will have to see what unique sled we can find this year!

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