Thursday, December 15, 2011

best of 2011--FEBRUARY

February was also another great blogging month for me(don't worry, I fell off the bad wagon in some future months so there is a point to all of this besides me telling you how great I was at blogging!) Quite possibly my favorite post from February is this one because it tells the story of well, how we roll!
Ok, since that one only includes the boys I have to have two favorites to include Grace and this is def my fave of Grace! heehee!
And since reading this one made me LOL all over again it must be included as a best of the best!
Gracie turned 8 months in February...I can't believe she used to suck her thumb all the time and is now attached to a binky!
I turned a different age in February as well! UGH! ;)

That's it for our February highlights! Look for March highlights soon!!

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