Friday, December 30, 2011

best of 2011--APRIL vol. one

 A new egg coloring eggs colored with crayons. The crayon melts from the worked really well. The hot eggs were a bit hard to handle, but we would do it again!!

 Sunday afternoon nap...I had been dealing with Benjamin and she was crying, but by the time I got to her this is what I found. :( I felt so sad that she had cried herself to sleep...after snapping a pic, I picked her up and cuddled her before putting her back down to sleep.
 My chunky cutie!
 teeheehee...I just love chunky babies in bikinis...and the ruffle butt makes it even cuter!
 Noah perfecting his headstand!
 Benjamin attempting to copycat Noah's headstanding abilities! ;)
Just a happy girl in the morning!
 Can you believe this was April? We had some warm days in April and it gives me hope that our warm weather is just around the corner(though I would like to mention for every warm April day, I believe we had 2 cold May days!)
 Another warm April pic! I wish I had gotten a better pic of them in these outfits! I love these colors!
 Even sleeping she is beautiful(she doesn't get that from her mama!)
 Silly Noah...trying to escape the picture, but I got him anyway!
 Rice play is very good for tactile kids like Benjamin. I think he would play in rice for hours!!
 Time to start getting rid of the baby chubs! ;-) Pushups today, jumping jacks tomorrow!
 Time for some girly toys, perhaps?

 I took a series of pictures one evening of the boys just doing goofy stuff! Can't wait to scrapbook these!

 This is an awesome picture!
 Little bit goofy, maybe?
Snuggles with my middle child! :-)

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