Monday, November 28, 2011

Random Loves

Life has been busy...some fun busy...some busy that I wish I didn't have to deal with...and some just normal life busy! I lament that I have not been able to keep the blog up to date and have a few random posts planned just to get some special pics on here. But for now I want to share some things that thrill my heart as the mom of three wonderful little blessings!

Benjamin has an amazing is contagious, hilarious, and we have even been told walking through stores that he has an amazing laugh. While I love when people say that, I don't know which I love more when Benjamin starts laughing...Benjamin's laugh or Noah saying, "I just love that laugh" between his own laughing(remember it is contagious!)

Gracie has been watching her brothers for months and not really involved herself with them in their play. In the last month though, she has totally thrown herself(literally, sometimes) into copycatting everything her brothers do(good and bad)! It has been adorable to see her get down on all fours and pant like a puppy, hilarious to watch her throw herself on the ground and giggle just like them, she loves to crawl all over us every time we lay down on the ground, and watching her interact with them on a whole new level is just beautiful! I'm pretty sure she told me on Thanksgiving that she did something that made Benjamin go "AAAH!" I didn't understand a word(except the "AAAAH" part), but I'm almost certain that is what she was saying! Her voice inflections, her exploding vocabulary, her incredible ability to somersault all make her our special little "Grace-Grace"

Noah has asked for a flying car for Christmas...the boy has been obsessed with flying cars for a while now! It is so fun to hear him talk about it, because he knows more about electronics than me already! I also love that he really likes "the grownd up songs"(K-LOVE) now. He sings to them and when certain ones come on, he will say, I just love this song! Recently, we were listening to the grownd up songs and they said the name Amy on the radio. Right after that a Natalie Grant song came on and Noah insisted that it must be "our Amy"(Jessica's mom--Jessica is the fave babysitter)!! It was so cute and I couldn't tell him otherwise!

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