Saturday, October 22, 2011

Homecoming at Cedarville

The weekend of Benjamin's birthday was super busy and super exciting! If it wasn't enough that it was Benjamin's 3rd birthday, it was also Homecoming at Cedarville University where Uncle Justin attends college. If that wasn't exciting enough, add to it that Uncle Justin was the Sophomore Representative for Homecoming! And as if we needed anything else to add to this excitement, Grandma Gert and Grandpa Floyd were here visiting!! Even the bitter cold temperatures and rain and biting wind couldn't dampen our spirits! We had a blast at the parade, then out to lunch with the fam, then came back and hung out in Grandma and Grandpa's camper while we waited for half time to go see Justin represent! What a fun weekend(a whole slew of pics follow...and more to come of all the other festivities!)

Grandma and Noah snuggling while watching the parade!

Parade watchers!

Grandma loved her flower they were handing out...had a C in the middle! What a neat idea!
There's our Justin!
I am always skeptical when I hand over the camera for someone else to take a picture, but really could it get any better!!?!? What a crew! Can't wait to celebrate G'ma Gert and G'pa Floyd's 60th wedding anniversary next year!! You just can't help but love them!
I love that my kids get to experience great grandparents in such a hands on way!

Grandpa and Gracie on our tour of the college...we were thawing out here in the tornado shelter!

The lovely Sophomore reps!
Yah...did I mention it was REALLY cold!!

Where's Gracie?!?!

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