Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hayride to the Pumpkin Patch!

Last week we took a last minute hayride at Fulton Farms with our friends, the Schramms. We had a lot of fun riding in the wagon out to pick a pumpkin! The kids each picked out their own pumpkin and we all got an apple. Benjamin and Grace always love apples, Noah is not always crazy about them, but said that this one was super yummy!
My 3 year old boy with one of his apple!
Gracie being a total goof!
More goof!
MMM! Apple!
Tim & Megan :)
Gotta love the tiny bite missing! Grace thinks she can do anything her brothers do including eating an apple straight up!
Tyler & Noah sitting on the hay!
Noah has claimed a pumpkin!
I'm not sure that bag will contain that pumpkin!
Grace has found her pumpkin!
I think it's amazing to look out over so much land filled with pumpkins!
Benjamin claims a pumpkin!

Love this pic of my 3 babies and their amazingly wonderful father!

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