Sunday, October 23, 2011

Benjamin is THREE!

Benjamin turned 3 on October 2nd! So hard to believe that he is 3 already! Though I do feel the last few years have flown and his short little life has been packed with lots of excitement and change for our family! At his age, Noah still wouldn't have been a big brother for 6 months and he has already been a big brother for half his life! And a good one he is!! Still my spunky, spirited red head boy, he is! He has always been super affectionate and snugly, but now I just love how he will randomly just come up and say "I love you, Mommy" and with such adoration! No doubt that he is genuine! I feel a smidgen sad that my baby is growing up, but it's so fun to watch him discover and mature that I can't stay sad long!

Watching his new fish...who have since died and been replaced! : /

Grandma bought Benjamin a fish tank and gave him fish for his birthday. The first 2 fish were from Grandma's tank and they didn't survive the tank change/being overfed the first day they were in Benjamin's care!

Really? I don't think it gets cuter than this!

His gang symbol...

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