Thursday, September 01, 2011

Twins for a Day

While at the zoo, Benjamin once he woke up decided that he wanted to walk. So we put David who is six weeks younger than Grace in the double stroller with Grace. Everybody thought they were was easier not to correct people, so they got to be twins for the whole day!

Look at those smiles! I must say they made the cutest set of twins!
David liked having a bar to kick his feet up on!
How cute is he!?!?!
So somebody please tell me why it is that boys always get to have thicker heads of hair earlier than girls? Poor Grace is still a baldy(as was Katie, David's sister) and David(like Noah and Benjamin) has already had a haircut!! Seems unfair!

Grace is not a fan of the water misters!

See they even napped at the same time!


The Schramm's said...

goodness, he is cute! All smiles for sure!! :) And I agree, its not fair that boys seem to get hair quicker than the girls. I took care of a NINE month old boy yesterday who had already had TWO haircuts!!! Tyler didn't get hair either, so at least Megan can't be jealous of her own brother. :)

Blakemore Family said...

You should have titled this "Grace and her brother by another mother." ;-)
What a fun day! I might borrow some of your pictures, if that's okay with you.

Cynetta said...

Shan-TWO haircuts at 9 months!! That's crazy!

Karen-that title made me LOL seriously! And you absolutely may not borrow my pictures(in the words of my children) THEY ARE MINE MINE MINE! and I HAD THEM FIRST! ;) I'm kidding of course, you can borrow them. They won't be good for printing, but will work for the blog!