Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Race 3 of 33

 (I know my face is weird here, but the after pictures were awful!!)

On August 20th, I ran my 3rd 5k race. I had one goal for this race and I felt like it was a kind of a big one considering I had only 1 week between 5k's. My goal: less than 30 minutes. Just one week prior I had surprised myself by snipping one second off my previous time without someone running with me AND no cheering section. I have had many emotions about doing these races. When I first thought of doing this, it excited me. My first race was exciting because Hope was doing it with me and it was her first EVER race! My second race, however, was filled with guilt and fear and just feeling overall ridiculous...until about half way through the race and realizing that while this goal may be for my own selfishness, being fit is not selfish. It is a gift to my husband and children! I know for fact that kids learn best by example so what better way to teach them than for them to see me dedicated in this way to staying fit and healthy! As for my husband, when I am running/exercising well, I am happier! Well, this third race was exciting because for the 1st time I had my little family with me! : ) Yep! That's right! My wonderful husband got up early and got 3 kids ready and brought them to the race! Well, I made my goal...shaving 24 seconds off my previous PR! 29:51 is my new PR! And added bonus was that I felt good the whole time and really didn't have much sprint left in me at the end(I like that because it is then that I know I have pushed myself well the entire race!) I don't have another race scheduled until the end of this month because my sister is due this month, so I am still trying to figure out what my goal will be. Do I dare aim for sub 29?!?!? I still have 2 weeks until the race and my training program is really helping me get faster so I think I will just throw it out there and do it...failure or not? My goal for Mum Festival 5k is sub 29 minutes? Anyone want to run it with me?

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