Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Planes, Trains, Wild Animals & Amazing Friendships!

The title says it all! A couple weeks ago we had  the best day! Quite an adventure for the kids! They got up early, boarded an airplane, ate breakfast in an airport(Cinnabon!), got on the metro rail train, walked to the zoo, & played with friends! Then we boarded the metro again and went back to the airport and flew home!! For being 6, 2, and 1, that's pretty amazing! I don't even think I flew on an airplane until I was a teenager! Well, we had so much fun that we hope to plan more day trips like this!! I am going to let the pictures tell the stories more, but I want to include a few cute things that were said. Noah upon getting on the metro on return trip asked if we could move so that we could live close to his friend, Michael. I wish we could live closer to the Blakemore family! However, God has each of our families in the place we are in for His purposes and His glory(but that doesn't mean we can't pray that God would move the Blakemores to Ohio, right?!?!)! Benjamin caught a late nap on the metro and was a ball of energy on the flight home. He was not bad(like his overly tired sister), but he was totally slap happy and just a total riot! He sat with Joel for the first half of the flight and Grace and Noah were with me. Noah was tired and just talked, but Grace was over tired and not giving in to sleep. She yelled, she flipped around like a fish out of water, she threw a couple fits in there, and snuggled a bit too, but would NOT.GIVE.IT.UP! So I traded! =) Grace and Noah went to sit with Daddy and I got Benjamin who just wanted to sit in my lap, say "I love you, Mommy" over and over, look out the window, be ridiculously cute and sweet, and say the funniest stuff! A little history here: Benjamin is obsessed with airplanes, rockets, helicopters, and anything manly/has an engine! When we boarded the bus that takes us to the airplane, he loudly asked, "Is this an airplane, Mommy?" HA! The entire bus load got a laugh out of that one! Well, we were starting our descent and I told him that he was going to have to sit in his seat for landing. He looked at me seriously and said, "Are we going to blast off, Mommy?" I couldn't help but laugh

I hate escalators...my hands sweat, my heart beats fast...and that's when I'm alone! Add the kids and I'm a mess! I get heart palpitations looking at this picture, but I knew as soon as I saw this escalator that Noah would want to go on it! I (thankfully) HAD to take the stroller on the elevator! whew! It was crazy to think that we were that far underground!
On the metro!
In the airplane!
These two are hilarious together! LOVE this pic of them on the airplane!

I'm not sure why we need to go to the zoo to see the lions and tigers...we seem to have our own right here!;)
What a face!

That's the face we saw mostly...sweet, sweet Katie!
Just look at how excited they all are to get a group picture! Seriously, we had to reign in their excitement(dripping with sarcasm here)

Grace did a lot of peeking around the stroller...she never knew who might be pushing it!

Apparently, we didn't need to see the monkeys either!

Poor Katie fell and scraped her knees and arms! She was a trooper though!
hehe! love this!

How cute is this!

She is a climber so this was wondrous for her!

Thank you Blakemores for a fantastic, magnificent, super wonderful day!

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