Thursday, September 22, 2011

Impromptu Art Class :)

After being out of town for a long weekend, I was longing for some fun time with my kiddos. Since Tuesday was such a nice day, we decided to skip school and nap time for "art" class! I had been wanting to do this with them for a while so we seized opportunity...pulled out the squishy balls and paint and went to work!

Benjamin splatted Noah with a paint ball right away!

Benjamin runs to get another one!

We invited the neighbors!
Splat painting Daddy's shed!
Oh, man! Trying to see his back!

This was a lot of fun! And the splatter effect was awesome!

Getting wound up for the splat!
Aamah and Mannie had fun too!

Jett even made it home from school in time to get in a few throws!

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