Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Since having surgery/endoscopy in May, I have had more trouble with headaches over the past couple of months. I have also had more pain in my jaw than I was typically having. So on Monday I went to a dentist who specializes in TMJ where my family doc referred me. I was under the impression that this was just a get acquainted-see how bad it is hour and a half later...I was calling Joel to say that it'd be another half hour! So basically, the dentist says my picture is in the dictionary under "TMJ"...Joel says I should ask for royalty payments(maybe it'd cover the cost of the treatment)! Honestly, I was amazed by this dentist...within minutes of watching me talk, he was able to peg exactly where my pain was worse, which way my jaw was out, how my headaches come on and why...then on exam he asked, "so what's the story with the whiplash?" I quickly told him that I had never had whiplash, then minutes later remembered that I indeed had been in an accident in 2003 and never gone to the hospital! They asked about blows to the face, which I said no to until I remembered being in high school on a bus and a crow bar fell off an overhead rack and swung down and hit me in the face! NICE! Shoulder pain, ringing in the ears(tinnitus for my nursing friends), itching in the ears, headaches...this dentist knew his stuff...he described my symptoms better than even I could have(I did not think shoulder pain or ear ringing was related to my jaw!) So apparently, my C2 vertebrae is rotated and is where the headaches are coming from. My jaw opening is 29cm(normal is 45-55cm). So all that to say I am WHOPPER-JAWED! I will soon be wearing some sort of (very expensive) mouth piece/bite guard thing to realign my jaw and end the headaches! I am so thankful that my mother-in-law called me the day she found out Dr. H was taking new patients! The timing of finding a family doc has been impeccable, as God's timing is always PERFECT! I know that God has provided excellent docs and excellent care for me and I know that God is going to provide in His time and in His ways for the treatments necessary. God is good ALL the time!

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Ben, Michele, Claire, Anna said...

Wow! Praise the LORD for excellent doctors that can help us. Sounds like this guy really knows his stuff. Praying that the treatments and mouth piece help you and heal you!