Saturday, August 20, 2011

Swimming at Joshua's

We finally had a chance to go swimming with Joshua a couple weeks ago. Now the boys ask every day to go play with Joshua. Noah and Joshua have been buds for a while, but it's so cute now to see Benjamin really admire Joshua. There are TONS of pictures here(because we had TONS of fun!) I had a lot of trouble with focusing, so lots of the jumping pics are blurry, they were too cute not to post though! We will have to try again another time!

Joshua clearing Noah's head!

Grace had a blast with Joshua's Grammy, Mary. She really warmed up to her and as you can see, was quite the little ham!

High Five! She loves to give high fives and even says "hi-fi"

Pillsbury anyone?!!?

The ruffles on this swimsuit are just too much! I love it! And I think babies in bikinis is hysterical with their fat round bellies and roly poly thighs...def the only ones that can get away with that!

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