Friday, August 05, 2011

So in LOVE with life...

I have no pictures to share tonight, but I have wonderful memories that I want to put on here so that I can read them and smile weeks, months, years from now...

I LOVE it...

  • when Benjamin declares, "I am a WILD(insert deep growl voice) man!" 
  • that Noah giggles so hard he can hardly stand when we are pillow fighting. :D
  • that both boys work so well together to "take Mommy down"
  • Benjamin's deep belly laugh(we have even been stopped in stores by people telling us what an incredible laugh he has)
  • when Noah says, "I don't think laying on me and tickling me is a good idea...I NEEEEED to go POTTTTYY!!!" heehee
  • when Benjamin pulls up both knees and full body jumps on whoever he is tackling...NO RESERVE!
  • that Noah still gets the hiccups when he giggles too hard(he ALWAYS had the hiccups in utero..guess he laughed a lot in there)
  • that Noah takes such great pride in tackling me only to want me to dump him off and start all over
  • that after all the tackling, tickling, wrestling, pillow-fighting, giggling & jumping, they want me to snuggle with them! 
These boys are so fun...even though I have been questioning my ability to effectively parent boys(I just don't understand boy minds...even Joel's), I am so thankful for these 2 boys that God gave me and for the wisdom that He will give me to parent them to grow up to be men of God(which is above all what I want for them.) I pray that what they lack in manners and overall gentleman-ness(not for lack of effort in teaching), they make up for in Godliness and spiritual growth. Noah trusted Jesus as his Saviour at an early age and we pray for growth for him daily. We pray that Benjamin(and Grace, too) also will trust Jesus as Saviour at an early age!

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