Thursday, August 18, 2011

Race 2 & 5 miles

On Saturday, I ran my 2nd race in my journey to complete 33. I was not sure why I signed up for it since we had just gotten back from camp the day before where I had run one time that whole week. I also hadn't been eating the greatest or drinking water like I should have. All of that together with the fact I was running this one alone had me convinced I would not run as well. I had borrowed Justin's stopwatch to at least hopefully help me not do too bad on time. I just have to say 1st miles are always the worst. The entire time all I can think is "why am I doing this?" or "I'm not even gonna be able to run this whole thing." I really wish 1st miles didn't exist! However, I was pretty happy at the 1st mile to be at 9:25 on the stopwatch. I really tried to keep up the pace in the 2nd mile since I knew I was doing better than I thought. Then, I was really excited to hear them yell my time at the 2 mile mark as 18:55 when my stopwatch said 19:24. I was a little bummed that they didn't have the big time clock right at the finish where it's visible as you are coming in, but the combo of not enough water, not enough sleep, and not enough preparation really was kicking in at the finish anyway and though I pushed as hard as I could, I really felt like I was gonna puke. Somehow, I still managed to kick it up a notch when I heard them say 30:13 to the runner in front of me. I am excited to say that I shaved ONE second off my time! 30:15 is my new PR!! Yeah, I know that's not great, but I am ok with that and it felt great to be heading home when most people are getting out of bed and knowing that I had already run 3 miles! Two races down, thirty-one to go!!

FIVE miles! That was my goal yesterday morning. I wasn't really feeling it, but I knew I needed to try anyway. I really almost didn't do it when Benjamin was begging me not to leave. Thank goodness for Kipper! I put an episode of Kipper on and headed out the door. Joel and I had mapped out 2.5 miles out from the house on the new bike trail and it's always fun to try new routes. Of course, there was that 1st mile, but I felt like I fell into the "I could run forever" feeling fairly quick. I absolutely LOVE that feeling!! I have waited for it for a while...feet pounding the pavement, breaking a good sweat(I'm talking the kind you know is burning fat cells!), breathing is not labored, my music(I had my own Sony for this run...I can only run long with my music{read: Lincoln Brewster}). It was a perfect morning. I always process when I get to the turn around point, "now I only have to run what I've already done". Around the 3-4 mile point I wanted to stop and walk, but after a thorough assessment(breathing: unlabored, legs: mildly sore, stomach/sides: no pain) I realized I must keep going(plus when you are that far out you realize it would take longer to walk home than to just run). Once I hit the park, I knew I could do it...less than a mile...and as I always tell myself, "anyone can run a mile". I canNOT even describe to you the feeling of accomplishment that running those 5 miles gave me! I admit I was tempted to be disappointed with my time, but then I gave it a second thought and reminded myself that FIVE miles is FIVE miles!!

If you have read this whole post(I realize it's boring) and you are thinking, "I could never run". I want to tell you that you absolutely CAN! I know what it's like to only be able to run for a minute and I know what it's like to run for 90 minutes(though that was a LONG time ago). It's a process, but a fun one! Just try it!

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The Schramm's said...

Great job on running! Its great for you and I love that you are feeling that sense of accomplishment. Its a great example for your kids to see, even if at the time they may not like to see you leave. Keep up the good work!!

And, uh...running is not for me, no matter how much I try. Its not enjoyable, and at this point, is not even good for me. Throw me in a pool and I will swim until you tell me to stop. I know swimming is not for everyone, but it is definitely for me!