Monday, August 01, 2011

Notable numbers!

My 1000th post! I just happened to notice that I was close to 1000 so I chose this to be my 1000th! Today, August 1st marks 18 months until my 33rd birthday. I know what you are thinking...big deal! Well, it is a big deal! Three happens to have always been my "favorite" number(don't ask, I'm still not sure how you can choose a favorite number!). Well, since turning 30 was kinda crappy and 31 wasn't any better, I decided to make 33 a milestone! I am setting a goal to run 33 races before my 33rd birthday!! I have wondered if I was crazy, but I decided to just go for it...maybe I will fail miserably, but since races are so exciting, I'm guaranteed to have some serious fun in the meantime! My 1st race of 33 was on Sat, July 30th with my running bud, Hope! We ran the Simply Women 5k...a race for girls only! No boys allowed(well, only in the cheering section!) Unfortunately, our boys(husbands) could not be there! : (

Here we are right after the, sweaty faces and all(of course, Hope is still gorgeous as ever)! It was Hope's first 5k and she did so great! Actually, I am quite proud to say that we finished in the top 1/3 with a time of 30:16!!!!!!!!!! We shaved 3 to 4 minutes off our time...that's 10%!! That's gonna be tough to beat, but I am confident that we will! I don't know if I will be able to talk Hope into running all 33 races with me, but I'm certain she will join me for some more! They are addictive!! Here are a few of the races on the calendar for now...if you'd like to join me for one, I'd love to have the company! : )

Race 2: Run for the Orphans 5k

Run 3: Dayton Dragons 5k

Run 4: Popcorn Festival 5k

Run 5: Mum Festival 5k

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