Monday, August 15, 2011

Impromtu Photoshoot

So we have had lots of life to catch up here on this bloggy thing...but I couldn't resist editing these pictures with this trial software(I only have 30 days with it, gotta get my use out of it!) I am definitely going to be having some fun with in the next 30 days with this program(wherever I can find the time anyway!). Anyway, there is a funny story behind these pics...the kids were going to Grandma's so that we could go out on a date(a REAL date! Been a while!) I put Grace in {gasp} boy overalls!! Benjamin saw her in them and ran and got his own overalls out insisting to wear them!(So ridiculously adorable!) Noah, then seeing they both had overalls, remembered that I told him I had finally found him some and asked for his! (Ugh! I just can't take this sweetness...that they actually WANT to be dressed alike!) Well, of course I think it was the cutest thing ever(even if Grace does look like a boy!), but you can be the judge! Enjoy!

 If only Noah had been looking...sigh!
 Thought it was sweet how her brother's are adoring her! If you view it larger you can see Benjamin is smiling! = )

I can never decide if b&w or color is better with overalls! 

You will be seeing more from this shoot! I promise! = )

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The Schramm's said...

Did you get the lightroom product? If you did, you will probably see that there are all sorts of presets already there and then if you look on adobe, there are a lot of free presets you can get as well. Cute pics! I actually really like the second one from the top. And, I have some girl overalls if you want to borrow them.