Monday, August 29, 2011

Lions and Tigers and oh, were there any bears?

I absolutely LOVE taking pictures! I was thankful that Karen was willing to push the stroller many times so that I could snap away! I took 275 pics!! In just one day! You won't see them all since several are very similar, but the lion and the tiger made it very easy to snap away pics! Enjoy!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Vacation Bible School 2011

I love our church! I really love how much of a family our church family is. When I was sick, I cannot tell you how many meals were brought to my house. How people took time out of their busy lives, were willing to take a day off work to watch the kids. I get teary even now months later to think about it. Even more, knowing how many were praying for us. Means the world to me. Meals, prayers, willingness...all things our church does well. Another thing Community Bible Church does well every year is Vacation Bible School! We always have a wonderful turn out and kids(that don't even go to our church) even come back to help when they are "too old" (are you really ever too old for VBS? I think not!). I had the privilege to be able to take pictures of the event and help as needed. I searched and searched for a song for this video. I really feel like VBS is a HUGE mission field. We get these kids for 2 1/2 hours a day, we gotta pack as much of God's love into them as we can and plant those seeds! I picked Go Light Your World because well, that is what we are doing! The pictures go VERY fast, but  there are a lot so the other option was an 18 minute video!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Swimming at Joshua's

We finally had a chance to go swimming with Joshua a couple weeks ago. Now the boys ask every day to go play with Joshua. Noah and Joshua have been buds for a while, but it's so cute now to see Benjamin really admire Joshua. There are TONS of pictures here(because we had TONS of fun!) I had a lot of trouble with focusing, so lots of the jumping pics are blurry, they were too cute not to post though! We will have to try again another time!

Joshua clearing Noah's head!

Grace had a blast with Joshua's Grammy, Mary. She really warmed up to her and as you can see, was quite the little ham!

High Five! She loves to give high fives and even says "hi-fi"

Pillsbury anyone?!!?

The ruffles on this swimsuit are just too much! I love it! And I think babies in bikinis is hysterical with their fat round bellies and roly poly thighs...def the only ones that can get away with that!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Joshua turns FIVE!

 Joshua turned 5 this month and we went to his birthday party before camp. We all had a blast...swimming, jumping, hanging out with friends, and celebrating this cute little guy! Just can't believe he is FIVE already!

 I can only guess that he was boiling in his transformer suit. I asked him to smile for a picture and this is what I got. A very forced smile...he was a little busy playing with all his friends!

Tiny Toad

Noah has recently taken an interest in toads. I just love watching him with his little toads. He is so gentle with them and has a lot of fun watching them jump, building a home for them, and even turning them free.

How sweet is this!?!?

Classic Boy! Love it!

Grease Monkey!

Noah came inside the other day after helping Daddy..."Mom! Look!" 
How cute is he!

Little monkey!

Grace is a monkey! I am not talking your typical climbing toddler. This girl is a CRAZY climber! The boys absolutely did not climb like her. I foresee her climbing out of the crib much earlier than the boys! She loves to climb on anything and always looks for something higher to climb up to. She is always on her music table, tries to climb on the dining room chairs, has tried to climb on shelves, the radiator heater! I don't know what we are going to do with this crazy monkey girl when she does actually learn to walk!

AWW! Kisses for the bubbers!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Race 2 & 5 miles

On Saturday, I ran my 2nd race in my journey to complete 33. I was not sure why I signed up for it since we had just gotten back from camp the day before where I had run one time that whole week. I also hadn't been eating the greatest or drinking water like I should have. All of that together with the fact I was running this one alone had me convinced I would not run as well. I had borrowed Justin's stopwatch to at least hopefully help me not do too bad on time. I just have to say 1st miles are always the worst. The entire time all I can think is "why am I doing this?" or "I'm not even gonna be able to run this whole thing." I really wish 1st miles didn't exist! However, I was pretty happy at the 1st mile to be at 9:25 on the stopwatch. I really tried to keep up the pace in the 2nd mile since I knew I was doing better than I thought. Then, I was really excited to hear them yell my time at the 2 mile mark as 18:55 when my stopwatch said 19:24. I was a little bummed that they didn't have the big time clock right at the finish where it's visible as you are coming in, but the combo of not enough water, not enough sleep, and not enough preparation really was kicking in at the finish anyway and though I pushed as hard as I could, I really felt like I was gonna puke. Somehow, I still managed to kick it up a notch when I heard them say 30:13 to the runner in front of me. I am excited to say that I shaved ONE second off my time! 30:15 is my new PR!! Yeah, I know that's not great, but I am ok with that and it felt great to be heading home when most people are getting out of bed and knowing that I had already run 3 miles! Two races down, thirty-one to go!!

FIVE miles! That was my goal yesterday morning. I wasn't really feeling it, but I knew I needed to try anyway. I really almost didn't do it when Benjamin was begging me not to leave. Thank goodness for Kipper! I put an episode of Kipper on and headed out the door. Joel and I had mapped out 2.5 miles out from the house on the new bike trail and it's always fun to try new routes. Of course, there was that 1st mile, but I felt like I fell into the "I could run forever" feeling fairly quick. I absolutely LOVE that feeling!! I have waited for it for a while...feet pounding the pavement, breaking a good sweat(I'm talking the kind you know is burning fat cells!), breathing is not labored, my music(I had my own Sony for this run...I can only run long with my music{read: Lincoln Brewster}). It was a perfect morning. I always process when I get to the turn around point, "now I only have to run what I've already done". Around the 3-4 mile point I wanted to stop and walk, but after a thorough assessment(breathing: unlabored, legs: mildly sore, stomach/sides: no pain) I realized I must keep going(plus when you are that far out you realize it would take longer to walk home than to just run). Once I hit the park, I knew I could do it...less than a mile...and as I always tell myself, "anyone can run a mile". I canNOT even describe to you the feeling of accomplishment that running those 5 miles gave me! I admit I was tempted to be disappointed with my time, but then I gave it a second thought and reminded myself that FIVE miles is FIVE miles!!

If you have read this whole post(I realize it's boring) and you are thinking, "I could never run". I want to tell you that you absolutely CAN! I know what it's like to only be able to run for a minute and I know what it's like to run for 90 minutes(though that was a LONG time ago). It's a process, but a fun one! Just try it!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Please don't eat my skirt!

Benjamin has never been good with his colors. As a matter of fact, for the longest time, he would just wildly yell, "COLOR!" anytime we asked, "what color is this?" We switched to giving him choices for a while. It helped. He is getting them and sometimes I really wonder what he knows because he gets odd ball colors right ALL the time and red, blue and green wrong a LOT still. Oh well, I am in no way worried, we still have a solid 3 years before school starts to teach him his colors! Well, this morning I took the opportunity to teach him his colors while I folded some laundry. I would give him two choices and he was getting a lot right. I also find it funny that he assumes all pink clothing is "sister's". It's also fun that he knows his own clothes from Noah's clothes. He is really very observant! We came to my skirt and I didn't even give him a choice yet. I held it up and said, "what color is this?" He didn't hesitate for a second, "CHOCOWATE!" I couldn't argue with that one, my brown skirt is the exact color of chocolate! I laughed and hugged him and praised him relentlessly! Seriously, he is the cutest little 2 year old boy and I just love spending my early mornings with him!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Impromtu Photoshoot

So we have had lots of life to catch up here on this bloggy thing...but I couldn't resist editing these pictures with this trial software(I only have 30 days with it, gotta get my use out of it!) I am definitely going to be having some fun with in the next 30 days with this program(wherever I can find the time anyway!). Anyway, there is a funny story behind these pics...the kids were going to Grandma's so that we could go out on a date(a REAL date! Been a while!) I put Grace in {gasp} boy overalls!! Benjamin saw her in them and ran and got his own overalls out insisting to wear them!(So ridiculously adorable!) Noah, then seeing they both had overalls, remembered that I told him I had finally found him some and asked for his! (Ugh! I just can't take this sweetness...that they actually WANT to be dressed alike!) Well, of course I think it was the cutest thing ever(even if Grace does look like a boy!), but you can be the judge! Enjoy!

 If only Noah had been looking...sigh!
 Thought it was sweet how her brother's are adoring her! If you view it larger you can see Benjamin is smiling! = )

I can never decide if b&w or color is better with overalls! 

You will be seeing more from this shoot! I promise! = )

Friday, August 05, 2011

So in LOVE with life...

I have no pictures to share tonight, but I have wonderful memories that I want to put on here so that I can read them and smile weeks, months, years from now...

I LOVE it...

  • when Benjamin declares, "I am a WILD(insert deep growl voice) man!" 
  • that Noah giggles so hard he can hardly stand when we are pillow fighting. :D
  • that both boys work so well together to "take Mommy down"
  • Benjamin's deep belly laugh(we have even been stopped in stores by people telling us what an incredible laugh he has)
  • when Noah says, "I don't think laying on me and tickling me is a good idea...I NEEEEED to go POTTTTYY!!!" heehee
  • when Benjamin pulls up both knees and full body jumps on whoever he is tackling...NO RESERVE!
  • that Noah still gets the hiccups when he giggles too hard(he ALWAYS had the hiccups in utero..guess he laughed a lot in there)
  • that Noah takes such great pride in tackling me only to want me to dump him off and start all over
  • that after all the tackling, tickling, wrestling, pillow-fighting, giggling & jumping, they want me to snuggle with them! 
These boys are so fun...even though I have been questioning my ability to effectively parent boys(I just don't understand boy minds...even Joel's), I am so thankful for these 2 boys that God gave me and for the wisdom that He will give me to parent them to grow up to be men of God(which is above all what I want for them.) I pray that what they lack in manners and overall gentleman-ness(not for lack of effort in teaching), they make up for in Godliness and spiritual growth. Noah trusted Jesus as his Saviour at an early age and we pray for growth for him daily. We pray that Benjamin(and Grace, too) also will trust Jesus as Saviour at an early age!

    Wednesday, August 03, 2011

    14 months and Watermelon Day!

    National Watermelon Day was today and today happened to be Grace's 14 month birthday! Grandma had a watermelon themed party through Child Evangelism(more pics of that fun to come later!) Grace didn't get to participate much, but I put her in her adorable watermelon outfit that Grandma got for her. It's so cute and has a watermelon pocket that says, "Taste and see that the Lord is good."

    Tooth count at 14 months: 6(soon to be 8...she gets her teeth in 2's!)

    She really enjoyed the watermelon!
    This little girl is such a joy in our lives. We are currently working to figure out how to deal with her with discipline. For the most part, she is so much more sensitive than the boys ever were. She gets her heart broke just with a simple "No". It's tough...but we are getting there. We are working on sign language and she is doing fairly well(when she wants to). We are also learning patience which apparently is difficult at any age! She has become so interactive with her brothers lately...I will have to post some pics of that soon. She loves to "take 'em down" and give lots of hugs and kisses. It's so cute to see how much she adores them!