Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When is Jessica coming?

This summer a gal from church, Jessica, has been babysitting for us while I get some hours at work. It has been a great arrangement...the kids LOVE her and it's so much less stress to have someone come to the house rather than packing up a ton of stuff and she says she is enjoying them too! I have great memories of my own babysitting days and know how much I loved the kids I watched and am so happy for my kids to have Jessica in their lives. I need to snap a picture of Jessica with the kids someday before I go to work...these are pics she took while watching them! Noah knows that Jessica comes on set days, so he constantly asks if it is that day yet. Benjamin asks "when is Jessica coming?" multiple times a day, especially at bedtime!

I am assuming that Benjamin wouldn't let sister have popcorn so she cried...at least he gave her the binky!

Benjamin was crying for me one day when I left for work(it was a day with daddy, but I had already worked 3 other days that week). That evening I got home and Joel was putting them to bed, Benjamin came over and gave me a hug and kiss and I said, "I missed you while I was at work today." Benjamin sweetly leaned his face in close to mine and said, "Mommy." I expected a sweet little I miss you too, but instead, he finished, "I miss Jessica!" OUCH! I would be jealous if it didn't feel so good to have such a great babysitter that you never worry about your kids while you are at work! Thank you, Jessica! We are going to miss you tremendously when you go back to school!

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