Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swimming and More!

We LOVE to go swimming at Grandma's in the summer! And my goodness has it been nice for swimming recently! Enjoy some pics...I didn't take too many before it was just too hot and I just HAD to get in the pool! ; )

Noah earned these goggles by washing ALL of the lower kitchen cupboard doors/drawers one day...he did a great job(and had fun). He is so cute with his rock jar...after he finished the cupboards that day he said, "Mommy, I don't think I should get rocks for this, it was fun!" I explained to him that he didn't earn rocks just for awful tasks, but for helping mommy with her jobs...he was more than happy to accept the rocks then! ; )
Justin and Jade...what a spoiled little pup!
and she knows she is spoiled(but don't let her fool ya, she isn't the brightest crayon in the box!)
I am disappointed with the lighting in this pic...but it's such a great shot of my big boy!
Grandma painted the slide this year and it's so much smoother! Noah and Benjamin had a blast going down it over and over and over...
Seriously, the girl can do this, climb stairs, climb on and off the couch...but she WON'T walk!
There's those thighs again! She's so cute in her swim suits! AND check out the little hair tuft! ^_^
Benjamin was so cute laying on his new towel!
Noah practices going under water for about the first 10-15 min he is in the's so cute to listen to him in his little story world, he creates an entire scenario for his underwater adventure!
Ok, this one has to be clicked and viewed larger...the drips of water flying off him as he comes up are amazing!
He looks like such a little nerd...♥
Another with lighting issues...but my best shot of Benjamin in the water that day!
She is such a ham!
Oh my, that's a Benjamin face!
New swim trunks! Check out the gorilla/monster surfer dude! SO cute!
Benjamin loved his new outfit too! I finally found a deal on some trunks for that adorable swim shirt...Benjamin loves skateboards(unfortunately), so a monkey on a skateboard seems perfect for him! But his favorite part were the flip flops(to be like his brother)...he didn't want to take them off, then he wanted them back on immediately upon getting out!
GOOFBALL...asked him to go get my glasses and he appeared like this...he is so CUTE!

Noah loves photography...and wanted me to take a picture of just his eyes...LOVE it!
Swimming wears the babies out!
Told ya he loved the flip flops! It's all he cared about wearing!

No did an amazing job coloring this picture...he likes Color Wonder a LOT!

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