Sunday, July 17, 2011


Have you ever wondered why someone would paint their house pink? Or why they chose that hideous sofa? Or how about that pukey green shag carpet? You know, I bet if you looked you would find someone that would wonder about every decoration in your house and think it was horrific. I also bet you'd find those who think your house is perfect! It's all about perspective...something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Where should our perspective be? Did God make some of us to see the glass half empty and some half full? Or is it our own choosing to think negatively? How should we view every thing that happens to us in life? Should we sort out and file events as "good experience" "bad experience"? How about when we are counting our blessings? Do only what we perceive as "good" fall under blessings? Is it possible that we should look beyond our own definition of "good"?
As I was pondering these thoughts, it occurred to me that anything less than eternal death is a blessing. And when you really wrap your mind around that concept, it is amazing what becomes a blessing! Sickness is a blessing, poverty is a blessing, pain is a blessing, every single aspect of our life is a blessing! Every single breath, every single step, every minute, hour, day, month, season,'s all a blessing! So when I think of my blessings in this way, my husband, my children, my friends and family, my church...those are list toppers!!
While we are human and there are surely moments when we say, "God, this isn't what I signed up for!", we should stop for just a moment and re-evaluate what exactly it is that we are wanting. Is it a better life that we want? I can assure you this...when you look outside yourself and put the focus of your life on serving others as God has directed us, then you will find the better life that God has for you! Not more money, not more stuff, not more friends or more popularity...but you will find peace, peace that only God gives! God, please keep my perspective focused on You and the truths found in your word, let me not be distracted by the temporary things of this earth. Lord, keep me from sacrificing the permanent on the altar of the immediate. Direct my heart to follow Yours always. Amen

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