Monday, July 25, 2011

New Haircuts!

Noah loved having a mohawk last summer for a short time...and I have to admit, he pulled it off and was still so stinkin' cute! He has been asking for a reverse mohawk(which he makes up a new name for on a regular basis!) this summer! I am not necessarily into mohawks even, so going really crazy with a reverse one wasn't happening...thankfully these boys are so cute they can pull just about anything off!

Noah loved it when I was finished cutting it! He couldn't stop looking in the mirror!
Benjamin had vehemently declared he did not want a haircut while Joel and Noah were getting them...that is until he saw Noah's haircut and then he committed whole heartedly! One of the things I love most about Benjamin...he is either IN or OUT, no wavering here! Joel said right away that Benjamin looks menacing with the mohawk...several people have alluded to this since...sigh, I think that is just going to be something he deals with all of his life! He is just so BIG! A formidable force!(that's actually what I think of when I look at some pictures of him!) He is really so tenderhearted though, he will be like a Great Dane...a gentle giant! :)

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Deanna said...

I love there haircuts. Two curries.