Monday, July 18, 2011

Grace's FIRST Year!

Obviously, this post is a bit on the late side since Grace will soon be 14 months old! My motto is 'better late than never' when it comes to the blog though lately! ;) I remember the day well...on just a few hours of sleep, we got up and went to the hospital at 5:30 am(that's what time you have to be there for a 7:30 c-section)! I was scared, nervous, excited, scared...but within 2 hours and 33min of arriving at the hospital, joy overcame fear when our beautiful baby girl arrived safely into the world!

Grace Elizabeth Seekins
June 3 8:03am

ONE month! Grace has always been a super smiley baby...always so sweet and happy!    

TWO months...blowing bubbles!

  THREE months...chubby chubs!

FOUR months...cuddly little bear!
FIVE the thumb!
SIX months...little charmer!

SEVEN months...little beauty
EIGHT months...chunky babies are the best!

NINE months...THE FACE!
TEN months...happy girl
ELEVEN little doll!
TWELVE months...sweet♥

ONE year!

At ONE, Grace is into EVERYTHING! She cruises and crawls all over getting into everything she can. Her favorite activities include pulling wipes from the box, splashing in the bath, putting small objects in her mouth, flirting, tackling brothers, talking on the phone, reading books, eating! Seriously, the girl LOVES to eat! She has recently discovered that food can come OUT of your mouth if it doesn't taste good, yet somehow she will continue to eat bites of something even after spitting out a bite or two! There are very few things she won't eat and her favorites(and she recognizes them before tasting them) are avocados and bananas and strawberries. She is also my daughter and thus LOVES chocolate...we actually found her one day eating a york peppermint patty and pulling the foil wrapper right out of her mouth piece by piece! The reason I checked to see what she had...she was sitting in the floor saying "mmm...mmm!" Grace loves to talk on the phone and mostly just says "dadaddadada" very loudly to the phone! Though she does say "hi" sometimes too. "Wassat(what's that?)" is her most commonly uttered word/phrase. "Eyes" is a close second and is usually accompanied by having your eyes poked! She also says "NuhNuh" for Noah and has occasionally said "BuhBuh" which we assume is either "bubbers" or Benjamin...only time will tell! She says one other word that we have yet to figure out, it sounds like "adn" and once I thought it might be her way of saying Benjamin, but I can't be sure! It's so fun to watch her grow and learn and my goodness, she is so smart! She can climb stairs and attempts to climb on anything, she has(at 13 months) fed herself with a spoon, yet she hasn't walked yet. Won't even take a step on her own...just goes jello kneed every time we try to get her to walk. Actually, just tonight I was wondering if her feet are too small(she is still only a size 2! and if they weren't so fat might even fit some of her 1's still) to support her. At her one year check up she weight 21 lbs 5 oz., not quite triple her birth weight! Grace is a constant joy in our family...God knew exactly what our family needed when He blessed us with our happy little surprise!

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