Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Church Picnic

A few years ago we started the tradition of having a 4th of July church has grown considerably and this year was no exception for fun, food, and fellowship! I didn't take as many pics as I thought I was taking(oops!), but I did manage to capture some sweet, some cute, and some funny! Enjoy!(and you can click on a pic if you need to see it bigger!)

Grace showing Phyllis that she is ONE!
The boys loving the creek...thinking we def need a creek when we move!
I told Sophia(what Benjamin has decided to call her) not to wipe her face on her shirt..
and she gave me this look! LOL!
Adorable Megan loving splashing in the baby pool!
My fish! He stayed in the pond until we left which was pretty late!
Another fish friend...Joshua!
Patriotic dude...and his ever favorite "Jwessica"
Um, she drinks from a regular cup ridiculously good...yet she doesn't walk! Priorities...I tell ya!
Check out the hair!!! Too bad she doesn't have any on top!
Love pics like this where there is a whole lot of fun action happening!
Grace laughing at Ms. Ruthie tickles!
Ok, this is just too funny not to share!
Joshua cracking up about something!
Sophie and Megan enjoying the cold water!
Benjamin hits a ball ridiculously well!! Natural talent there!

Joshua is serious!
Super sweet Sophie!
♥ pigtails!
Look at the excitement on her face! Too cute!
If you aren't too distracted by my hot husband ;)...check out the crawdad...they grilled a whole bunch of them...and ate them!
Reese and Noah in the boat! I wonder if we can capture the same pic in 10 years or so! 16 year olds...let's not think about that!!

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