Monday, July 25, 2011

A Bubble Party!

Megan turned ONE on July 10th and we got to celebrate with her on the 16th with an adorable Bubble Party! The theme was adorable and perfect for a first birthday! It was a fun party, but sadly, my camera battery died only a short time into the party...before the Birthday Girl was even up from her nap! So sad! She was so cute in her personalized, monogrammed outfit too! You can see pics of her on her!

 Joshua on the slip'n'slide!
 or the surf'n'slide!

 Tyler on the slip'n'slide!
 BUBBLES! Shannon had bubble stations set up...this huge wand was one of them!

 Happy 1st Birthday, Megan!
 Megan's party hat that Shannon made for her! So cute!
 These tissue pom poms were a perfect decoration! Might have to steal this idea sometime!

 And the plates made adorable bubbles!
 The birthday banner!
Another bubble station...if you look closely, you can see the bubble around the boys!
I'm surprised Dave doesn't have any extra piercings after this stunt!
Grace goes down the slip'n'slide...
Grace hates the slip'n'slide! Poor girl!
Happy Birthday, Megan! We had fun celebrating with you and hope for many more birthdays to celebrate with you!

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