Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brother and Sister!

The relationship between siblings is so fun to watch! Noah and Benjamin have been close since Day 1. It's been fun to watch them over the past couple years grow and change and just enjoy having a built in best friend(we always say "because I have a brother, I will always have a friend"). Noah and Grace have a different relationship...Noah adores his sister and she knows it! Grace, in turn, thinks Noah hung the moon! Benjamin and Grace have a totally different relationship...Benjamin is super protective already over his sister(she is gonna love that when she is older!*insert sarcasm*). He will not let her have ANYthing that he deems unsafe for her to have. He will yell and pick her up(which he is not supposed to do) if he thinks she is too near the edge of the stairs or the wood stove or anything else that might hurt her. He is also a bit bossy to her(well, and why not, he gets bossed, might as well pass it down the line! :) Grace knows how to push Benjamin's buttons probably better than Noah even! She laughs at him when he gets in trouble, she attacks him when he is grumpy! It really is so wonderful to watch their God given personalities and birth orders and age gaps develop and form...having the boys 3 1/2 years apart and then only a mere 20 months between the Benjamin & Grace, really showed me that there is no perfect age difference, that instead God uses what He gives to be perfect for each individual. The 3 1/2 years that Noah had with just mom and dad will be key in who he is for God someday...just the same as the sandwich phenomenon that Benjamin has, becoming a big brother when he was still a baby, and for Grace, having 2 older brothers will shape her into exactly what God has for her and I cannot wait to see how it all plays out according to God's perfect plan!

Well, this post is just some random pics of B&G from one day when Noah was still at school...but then I went and wrote a chapter about siblinghood! Oops!
Benj on his strider...the boy LOVES his bike! I cannot wait to see him master riding a bike without training wheels!
Super Benj!
I was just trying to get my lighting and camera settings adjusted for a photo session for a friend and ended up getting some cuties of Gracie!
She doesn't make this face nearly as much anymore! :(
Adorable profile...and I maintain that she looks like a duck(not in a bad way)...I think it's her lips(well, thankfully they aren't quite as full as a ducks)!
Trying to get some of Bubbers' snack!
and prob being told "No No Sister! You can't have any!"

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