Thursday, July 28, 2011

4th of July

Have I ever mentioned how impossible it is to get pics of THREE kids!??! I only thought it was hard with just 2! Here are some more pics to prove the impossibility of getting pics of THREE kids...good thing I'm determined...some day I will conquer the challenge! :)
Benjamin is "smiling" and "saying cheese" least his idea of it!

Grace is trying her hardest to escape Noah's grip!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When is Jessica coming?

This summer a gal from church, Jessica, has been babysitting for us while I get some hours at work. It has been a great arrangement...the kids LOVE her and it's so much less stress to have someone come to the house rather than packing up a ton of stuff and she says she is enjoying them too! I have great memories of my own babysitting days and know how much I loved the kids I watched and am so happy for my kids to have Jessica in their lives. I need to snap a picture of Jessica with the kids someday before I go to work...these are pics she took while watching them! Noah knows that Jessica comes on set days, so he constantly asks if it is that day yet. Benjamin asks "when is Jessica coming?" multiple times a day, especially at bedtime!

I am assuming that Benjamin wouldn't let sister have popcorn so she least he gave her the binky!

Benjamin was crying for me one day when I left for work(it was a day with daddy, but I had already worked 3 other days that week). That evening I got home and Joel was putting them to bed, Benjamin came over and gave me a hug and kiss and I said, "I missed you while I was at work today." Benjamin sweetly leaned his face in close to mine and said, "Mommy." I expected a sweet little I miss you too, but instead, he finished, "I miss Jessica!" OUCH! I would be jealous if it didn't feel so good to have such a great babysitter that you never worry about your kids while you are at work! Thank you, Jessica! We are going to miss you tremendously when you go back to school!

Monday, July 25, 2011

New Haircuts!

Noah loved having a mohawk last summer for a short time...and I have to admit, he pulled it off and was still so stinkin' cute! He has been asking for a reverse mohawk(which he makes up a new name for on a regular basis!) this summer! I am not necessarily into mohawks even, so going really crazy with a reverse one wasn't happening...thankfully these boys are so cute they can pull just about anything off!

Noah loved it when I was finished cutting it! He couldn't stop looking in the mirror!
Benjamin had vehemently declared he did not want a haircut while Joel and Noah were getting them...that is until he saw Noah's haircut and then he committed whole heartedly! One of the things I love most about Benjamin...he is either IN or OUT, no wavering here! Joel said right away that Benjamin looks menacing with the mohawk...several people have alluded to this since...sigh, I think that is just going to be something he deals with all of his life! He is just so BIG! A formidable force!(that's actually what I think of when I look at some pictures of him!) He is really so tenderhearted though, he will be like a Great Dane...a gentle giant! :)

A Bubble Party!

Megan turned ONE on July 10th and we got to celebrate with her on the 16th with an adorable Bubble Party! The theme was adorable and perfect for a first birthday! It was a fun party, but sadly, my camera battery died only a short time into the party...before the Birthday Girl was even up from her nap! So sad! She was so cute in her personalized, monogrammed outfit too! You can see pics of her on her!

 Joshua on the slip'n'slide!
 or the surf'n'slide!

 Tyler on the slip'n'slide!
 BUBBLES! Shannon had bubble stations set up...this huge wand was one of them!

 Happy 1st Birthday, Megan!
 Megan's party hat that Shannon made for her! So cute!
 These tissue pom poms were a perfect decoration! Might have to steal this idea sometime!

 And the plates made adorable bubbles!
 The birthday banner!
Another bubble station...if you look closely, you can see the bubble around the boys!
I'm surprised Dave doesn't have any extra piercings after this stunt!
Grace goes down the slip'n'slide...
Grace hates the slip'n'slide! Poor girl!
Happy Birthday, Megan! We had fun celebrating with you and hope for many more birthdays to celebrate with you!


Impossible is the only word to describe my ability to capture the "perfect" picture of all 3 kids. Before I had Grace, I imagined the pics that I would be able get of 2 adorable little boys and a sweet little girl...I have yet to capture those ideals, but I take what I get and bet that the kids will love these more than the "perfect" shots anyway!

Grace tries to escape...
...and she does!
Typical, Benjamin likes to be in charge of Grace...
I am so thankful these boys have each other!

I scream! You scream! Gracie loves Ice Cream!

Aloha! Claire is 5!!

Claire had a luau party for her 5th birthday! We had 2 parties that day, so only Noah and I went to this one as Benjamin and Grace were just exhausted from camping and partying! Claire is such a sweet girl and we really enjoyed celebrating her birthday with her! I love that Claire talked to me while I snapped pictures of her party...she is so outgoing and so kind and respectful! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you, Claire!

 So happy! : )
 Claire being a good big sister!
 Apparently, everyone liked carrying Anna in the water!
 Claire's cousin, Catherine...thought she looked angelic with the "halo"!
 Love pics of kids having fun...Landon and Caroline having a blast!
 Great jumping, Anna!
 Cute flip flop balloons!
 Adorable Octopus cake!
 Seriously yummy cupcakes!
 Sand castle cake! So cute!
 Opening gifts!

 My friend, Deanna(who I do not see often enough!) and her adorable kids(who just wanted to eat candy, not have some crazy lady take their picture!) Olivia and Landon...they are so cute(including Deanna)
 Noah was really tired at first, but ended up not wanting to leave by the end!

 I think she was starting a race here or something...thought it was funny, but it shows her adorable tutu!