Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Haircut & Hilarity!

Joel says there is nothing worse than long, shaggy hair in the hot summer to make you sweat and just be hot in general...soooooo, I gave Benjamin a summer cut...of course he is still cute, but I teared up for sure with the first pass of those clippers...what can I say, the boy has gorgeous hair! It will be all grown back just in time for fall/winter, you better believe it!
Yesterday, Benjamin asked me where my van was and I told him Daddy drove it to work. He asked, "where my truck?' and I said that I didn't know. We were in Joel's truck at the time and Benjamin said, "it right hewre. this my truck. we riding in it." Then another time later he referred to Daddy's truck as his truck. Today at supper I was putting Grace in her highchair and she said "dada" and I said "where is dada?" and Benjamin said, "right here, I daddy." I asked him about it and he said,  "I just kiddin'!" Laughed, and then said it again, "I just kiddin'!"

A few funny phrases:
"i wear tiny diapers" random comment at the dinner table(sorry, Bud, there ain't nothin' tiny about you!)
"AWESOME!" favorite descriptor!
"Well, I just..." he uses this anytime you ask him a question or when he falls, gets hurt, it's very funny, trust me!
"Tiny" and "HUGE" are two of his favorite words to use on a daily basis!
He wants to go to school...not with Noah, to "cowwege" with "Uncle Justin". We told him he has to go potty on the big boy potty to go to "cowwege" and he said, "I not" yet he still insists that he must go to "cowwege" with Uncle Justin!

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