Sunday, May 08, 2011

Funny Stuff!

Some pictures don't need stories...and some stories don't need pictures...these are the stories with no pictures! One night during bath time I was sitting in the loft, Benjamin was in the tub and Noah was going to the bathroom. Benjamin makes "bubbles" in the tub (if you know what I mean). Noah laughed, "Do it again, Benjamin!" Of course, being that he is a male child, he did! Same thing...Noah laughing, "Do it again!!" This went on a few times until suddenly Benjamin wasn't laughing anymore, but was crying, hysterically! I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to assess the situation. Benjamin was standing in the tub, hysterically crying and screaming, making every effort to stay away from the floaties...then the infamous words, "I pooped!!"

I actually wish I had a picture of this one...I walked into Grace's room where she was playing the other day and she was pulling wipes out of the container. I said, "What are you doing?" and she looked up at me and started pushing them back in the box!! I couldn't believe it!  

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