Sunday, May 08, 2011

The art of sibling pics!

You know for 3 1/2 years I had it easy...almost every Sunday I took a picture of Noah all dressed up. And not just one, lots of them...hands in pocket, by the stairs, on the porch, leaning, sitting, was E.A.S.Y! Now when I try to get pictures, it is DEF not easy! Someone is always looking away, covering their face, making a face, picking their nose, sticking their tongue out...creating memories! So I take the good with the bad and chalk it up to some great blackmail later when they are older! ;)

Benjamin loves his animal book!! Here he is telling us what a pig says!
Benjamin is mostly not so great with sharing the things most dear to him(bike, airplane guy, bottle bear, etc). I was very proud of him for how well he shared his animal book with his sister!

I love how he is showing her things and was telling her what stuff was and the sound it made. Soooo Sweet!

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