Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sunny Days...taking my B-luuues away!!

Just some cute pics of the kiddos on the sunny days we have had recently!! Cannot wait for some more of them!!

 Sophie the Giraffe--best teething toy out there!!!

Did you know if you wet the sidewalk chalk the colors are much more vibrant?!!? Learn something new everyday!! : )

Friday, April 08, 2011

How'd Wii do that?

 I lied about Benjamin's age on the wii so that he can play under his own's a lot of fun to watch him play! AND he did quite well, I might add!!
Even he doesn't know how he managed 50 points!!
P.S.-We don't usually run around in only underwear. It was a potty training thing! :)

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Grace's Skills at 10 months

Grace shows off her skills for the camera! Sure to keep you smiling for a full 2 minutes! : )

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Brothers from the start...Friends from the heart!

These 2 boys melt my ♥! They keep me laughing most of the day(and sometimes make me want to cry as well!) I just love watching them play together and this was too cute! Benjamin was so willing to be the work horse, but he really takes on his role and reared up with a "NEEEIGH!" bucking Noah off(causing Noah to bonk his head on the bed!) within seconds of taking this picture! Oh, they are such boys!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Everyday moments

Capturing everyday moments is difficult for me...the things that happen every single day mostly don't get captured since you do them every single day. However, I have been following the photography of some Lifestyle photographers and realizing that the little moments that happen every single day are what I am going to want documented most! I have been trying to capture more of these moments like the brushing of teeth, administering a bandaid, bedtime snuggles, kissing a boo-boo, wrestling w/ daddy...the real moments! There will be more of these...for sure!

My kids are so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving, gentle, caring father...better than I ever could have imagined! ♥

Sunday, April 03, 2011

TEN Months Old!

Our sweetheart is 10 months old today! To say this girl is sweet is an understatement! She is so full of smiles and hugs and giggles! I can't even begin to describe her joy level each day!

At 10 months, Grace loves to eat, loves to laugh(randomly in the car is my favorite), loves to ask for a "iss"(kiss), adores her brothers, dances to any music, jumps wildly, hugs tightly, and loves unconditionally! She is trying to crawl on all fours, but I don't think she sees the point since she already moves so fast pulling herself along on her belly! She absolutely cannot control her excitement when you hold her hands and let her practice her walking! I just cannot describe to you the joy she brings us every day!
I bet you just can't imagine how she got the nickname 'Stinkerbell'!?!? 
Someday, she is going to hate how many pictures we have of her making this face!!

Super Big Sibs!

 I think this was Grace's first time in the swings at the park and she loved it!
 Noah is such a super big brother...he takes his position as double big brother VERY seriously and was so sweet to push Benjamin on the swings at the park!

Benjamin paying it forward and being a super big brother pushing Gracie in the swing!


Uncle Justin was home on Spring Break a few weeks are some fun pics from when he babysat so we could go out!