Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Trip Highlights (and Lowlights)

Well, we took a little trip...we had lots of fun with Dad/Papa and good friends!! Before I forget them, I want to get a few cute spots recorded...

Noah saw a cross and we started talking about what the cross means...that Jesus died on the cross for our sins--everyone's sin--that He rose again the third day so that we can live forever in Heaven. "I believe that" he says! Thrills my heart! I asked him if he remembered when he first believed that. He said, "Probably the first time I went to church".  I know that he heard from his own Grandpa on his very first Sunday at church, a mere 10 days old, that Christ died on the cross and rose again to save us. I am confident of this fact because his first Sunday was Resurrection Sunday. I also know that he did not "believe" at that moment, but his child like faith is a rebuke to me at times!

Today, Noah asked to go outside and play for a bit before we left Papa's house to come home. His specific request, "Mommy, may I please go out and play in the forest?" He sounded so proper....I just love him so much!

Benjamin's moments are not as theological yet...but I did want to share a couple funny stories and sayings from him. While the boys were out playing in the "forest", I went out to check on them. Benjamin handed me part of a stick he had broken and said, "I break a tiny piece." I couldn't hold my laughter!

When we checked in for our flight today, we checked Noah and Grace's car seats. Benjamin stood by the TSA bag drop off and asked with hands in the air and furrowed brow, "Where Noah's seat go?" It took 2 ticket agents, 1 TSA agent, and 1 pilot to convince him that we would get the seat back. That kid is a riot!

Grace, the little charmer, learned many new tactics to get attention from strangers. She learned to wave "Hi" to people, shake her head(which she has done before, but never to get someone's attention), and loudly "talk" to anyone and everyone until they looked at her and she could flash them her dazzling toothless grins with head cocked to the side! Oh, I think we are gonna be in trouble with this one...she is a charmer for sure!!

playing in the forest...

Uno the Bruno!
Gracie was the only one that got to snuggle with Papa...we didn't trust the boys to sit with Papa without hurting him!

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