Sunday, March 13, 2011


Continuing the 3, Noah was precocious, audacious, bold, hilarious, and spunky! Three is when he FINALLY became a big brother! I still remember his excitement when we told him he was going to be a big brother! I wouldn't trade that for anything! I love that he understood his position and anticipated it daily! I remember waking him up and taking him to Grandma's house at 3 am where he stayed awake talking to Grandma for 2 hours before finally falling back to sleep! We had such fun times those last months before he became a big brother! From fishing with Dad and putt-putt at Young's Dairy to a DC 4th of July and Noah's 1st real VBS , we just had all kinds of summer fun to celebrate Noah's new role he was about to enter! What fun, fun times we had!! I sometimes miss the slowness of these days gone by when there was just one little munchkin to focus on...however, I can't be sad long since Noah loves his role of big brother soooo much and when I see the 3 of them together, I realize that I just need to cherish every fleeting moment as best that I can even when they seem to be flying so much faster every single day! Along with all the links, here are a couple fave pics of Noah at 3!
Love that sun bleached blond hair and those big brown/green eyes! You are my precious firstborn!

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