Saturday, March 12, 2011


Noah is turning 6 in just a few days!! I want to take a walk down memory lane in the life of my firstborn! Noah came along just 2 years into our marriage...he changed our lives immensely, more than we could even imagine that kids could change your life. While some transitions were more difficult than others, I can honestly say that this little guy was worth all of it! As a baby, Noah was super serious! Don't get me wrong, his smiles were heart melting, but he didn't give them to just anyone! He was so busy taking in everything around him(probably why he is so stinkin' smart now!) Noah was also more eager to move than anything else...thus he army crawled at 5 1/2 months and crawled on all fours at 6 months! There was no stopping him, he was cruising furniture well by 8 months! The one thing Noah didn't do well: SLEEP!! I think he spent too much time trying to learn how to roll, crawl, cruise, and walk that he couldn't waste any time sleeping!

At ONE, Noah was the cutest little boy(in my opinion :)! However, I still stand by the fact that 12-15 months was one of the most difficult times in this boy's life. He wanted independence, couldn't communicate, and was STUBBORN! We butted head's a lot, but once he learned the limits and we learned to communicate, life was much more pleasant! We had so many fun outings during Noah's 2nd year. One of my faves was his 18 month birthday that he and I went on a little outing to Young's Dairy. The Wool Gathering Festival was nothing spectacular, but I always treasure that day and that time spent with him! One of my other favorite times in his life was the fall that we watched Joshua. Noah and Joshua have always been great buds and it was during this time that I realized that I could love another baby, even though that was still a couple years away!

At TWO, Noah was full of energy and spunk and all sorts of fun! He definitely kept us laughing! Noah really started wanting to spend more and more time with Daddy and be like Daddy at 2! It was such a cute transition to see him go from mama's little man to 'just like Daddy'. His love for airplanes and cars...from his Daddy! Noah has also always had a wonderful relationship with his grandparents and enjoyed spending a lot of time with them! One of my favorite things about Noah is his tender heart. From a very early age, he has had a heart for God! We are thrilled with this and our prayer is that Benjamin and Grace will also have a heart for God and will know him at an early age.

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