Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Gracie is NINE months!

Grace had her 9 month check up today and as I suspected her constant eating lately was a major growth spurt! She weighed in at 19 lbs 5 oz!! Compared to her measly 10 oz weight gain between 4 and 6 months, she has gained a whopping 1 lb 11 oz in the past 2 months!!! WOW! It's no wonder though since she was nursing up to 6 or 7 times a day for several weeks in there, as well as eating all kinds of new foods! At 9 months, Grace enjoys everything we have offered her(even yogurt now!), but her favorites are avocados, wasa crackers, cheese, melba toast, black beans, and all fruits(the first thing she says when a bite of fruit hits her mouth is MMM!) She is getting up on all fours(sometimes hands and knees, sometimes hands and feet!) and rocking, occasionally belly crawling and lunging forward. Her main mode of transportation is pivoting herself in circles with her foot...it's pretty cute! She can stand holding on to something and is trying her best to pull herself up! The area of development that she works most on however is her social skills! :) She shakes her head, cocks it to the side with her squcrinkly nose grin as we have termed it! She waves when anyone says "hi", though she holds her hand backward with her fingers toward herself! She says "Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Na-Na(Noah), and ra-ra-ra (as loudly as possible just to get attention!) She also loves to move her lips to mimic anything we say! She dances to any music which is one of the most adorable things ever...I should really get video of it!  She adores her brothers(including Boston) and thinks they are the funniest thing on the planet! She loves to hug them and "kiss" them any time she can get her slobbery mouth on them(which is hard for Noah, since he is drool/spit up phobic) :)! The boys just love it when she laughs at them and she obliges them often! She has no teeth, but loves to chew chew chew on anything! She is still mostly bald with just a smidge of peach fuzz and we get really excited if it is even sticking up! I was originally hoping for piggy tails by ONE year, now I'm hopeful for enough for a pebbles or just a plain old clip even!!! I took the following pics on her actual 9 month birthday...she was wearing the dress that she wore in her 1 month pics as a shirt! I actually found that a few of her 3 and 6 month dresses work well as shirts when put with some leggings or maybe some shorts come warmer weather! This will be a helpful trick in providing a wardrobe for the sweet girl!!

This one of her looking up is one of my faves! Shows her big beautiful eyes and seriously chubby cheekers♥!!! 

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Ben, Michele, Claire, Anna said...

Aww, she is just PRECIOUS! So amazing how quickly the time goes. Nine months already??!!

She is really looking so much like Noah as she gets older! Such an adorable little girl!!!